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The Protein Power Diets

Protein Power Plan Information
Michael and Mary Eades published the Protein Power Diet in 1995. It is a high protein low carbohydrate diet similar to the Atkins Diet but with more scientific data and better researched. The Protein Power Diet comes with literature that includes calculations for discovering your ideal diet plan and how many carbohydrates and proteins you may consume based upon your height, weight, activity level and body fat percentage. High protein foods such as meats, poultry and fish are encouraged as is milk, cream and cheese. While following the Protein Power Diet you should stay away from high carbohydrate foods such as pasta and bread. It is similar to the Atkins diet and a list can be found here.

The diet is followed in three stages. Stage one is 'Intervention', which has very low carbohydrate intake that is followed until you near your ideal weight. Stage two is 'Transition' where some carbohydrates are slowly reintroduced into your diet until your ideal weight is met. 'Maintenance' is the last stage when your carbohydrate intake is increased to keep you at your ideal weight. This diet has the same problems with ketosis that are found in the Atkins Diet.

The Protein Power Diet also recommends set exercises which amount to weight lifting to keep up muscle mass and short, vigorous aerobic activity to simulate our caveman ancestors.

Protein Power Plan : Reasons for

  • Weight loss guarenteed if the plan is followed
    Initial weight loss is fast
    Does have some scientific basis

Protein Power Plan : Reasons not to

  • The initial loss is mainly water and returns very quickly
  • Carbohydrates are excluded.
  • Ketosis strains the liver
  • The amount of protein relating to activity is lacking in scientific evidence
  • Not a good plan as it cuts out many healthy foods and can be detrimental long term

Protein Power Plan : Verdict
The Protein Power Diet is very similar to the Atkins diet as both are very restrictive about carbohydrates. The Protein Power Diet is the harder of the two to follow, as you can not eat all you want and some people find that hunger is a problem on this diet. On the plus side fibre is not counted in the Protein Power Diet so the amount of carbohydrates you can eat each day is higher. Both the Protein Power Diet and the Atkins Diet share the same health concerns and neither should be followed but I am sure both will as they are easy to follow and weight loss is quick and easy

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