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Natural Hormone Optimization combined with healthy living is a holistic approach to modern anti-aging medicine. Maintaining a healthy weight, body composition, exercise and nutrition make a big difference in how well you age. Natural Anti-Aging programs used in Integrative and Holistic medicine use supplements, Vitamin Infusion treatments, detoxification, bio-identical hormones such as HGH, the Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, melatonin, thyroid and oxytocin to help fight the signs and symptoms of aging.

Aging Medicine encompasses Anti-Aging, Integrative, Regenerative, Functional, Holistic and Metabolic medicine for aging men and women going through menopause and in the case of men, Andropause. Adults over the age of 40 and certainly over the age of 50 start to experience symptoms of hormone imbalance and decline contributing to age related disease and health conditions.

Longevity Medicine or Life Extension Science are also known as anti-aging medicine which attempts through preventative treatments to extend life. Eexperimental gerontology and biomedical gerontology is the science of slowing down or reversing the processes of aging to extend a person's lifespan. The quality of life is as important as the extension of life and anti-aging medicine as practised by Age Management practioners has the goal of improving the quality of life through healthy aging. Some medical researchers and longevists believe that natural hormone replacement and stem cell tissue rejuvenation using stem cells for regenerative medicine, organ and molecular repair is the future of anti-aging medicine. New gene therapy, life-extending pharmaceuticals, tissue and organ replacement with artificial organs or self grown tissue transplantations will eventually enable people to have extended lifespans. The ultimate goal is to achieve complete face, body, organ and tissue rejuvenation to mainatain an indefinite healthy and youthful condition.

Anti-Aging Products and Services. The use of effective anti-aging products and activities such as diet, nutrition, physical fitness, skin care rejuvenation, hormone replacement, vitamins, supplements and herbs is a first important step to increasing lifespan and fighting the aging process. Medical experts and clinical studies reinforce the use of such products and services along with traditional medicine as practiced by licensed physicians of the American Medical Association. Explore more Age Management, Longevity and Life Extension Anti-Aging Therapy Services. Anti-Aging Therapy Solutions

Replacing essential hormones. While many of these hormones can be replaced to deter and even reverse some of the effects of aging, HGH and Testosterone go far beyond the effects of any one of these hormones to not only slow down biological aging but also to significantly alleviate and even reverse many of the effects of age-related hormone imbalance. Ask about our personalized Healthy Aging Programs using natural hormones.

Clinical research has proven that HGH Therapy using bio-identical growth hormone injections combined with lifestyle changes can help alleviate adverse health conditions due to hormone deficiency and help reverse the effects of aging by as much as 10 to 20 years - in some cases with less than one year of growth hormone treatment.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can dramatically boost sex drive, increase endurance, drive and energy. Especially in men suffering from Low T symptoms like excessive body fat, flabby muscles, lost libido, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, memory loss, social withdrawal, inability to sleep (insomnia), lethargy, sadness and depression - Testosterone Treatment can help! If you think you may have a hormone deficiency, get tested today. Contact a Hormone Specialist

HGH Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help replenish these key hormones for healthy aging, rejuvenation and potentially adding years of vitality on to your life. Both Testosterone and HGH are considered by many age management physicians, anti-aging medical doctors and hormone specialists to be essential for life extension and healthy aging.

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Health & Wellness Programs for Aging Adults

Aging & Wellness Programs offer aging medical services to help fight disease. Over time the cells, tissues and organs have a reduced ability to maintain and repair themselves. Endocrine disorders and resulting sexual dysfunction, osteoporis, obesity and muscle loss gradually become debilitating health concerns. Some of the most common age related health conditions in men and women over 50 incur include:

  • Chronic illness and disease
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Cancer, prostate, breast, colon, etc
  • Cardiovascular and coronary disease
  • Diabetes, hypotuitarism, throid disorders
  • Fractures, falls, osteoporosis and weaker bones
  • Reduced Vision, Glaucoma and Cataracts
  • Side effects of prescription medication
  • Weakened immune system and slower healing
  • Memory loss, inability to focus or concentrate
  • Moodiness, withdrawal, depression, sadness and lack of drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction, lost libido, femalse sexual dysfunction
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Anti-Aging hormones for better health. How are hormones replaced?

There are several methods of replacing hormones, but the most effective way to replace HGH is taken by daily injection, it is easy and painless. Testosterone is replaced using either weekly injections in the form of cypionate, enanthate, undecanoate or propionate injections, or a hormone topical cream, a transdermal topical gel, or skin patch formulated to your needs that is applied to the surface of the skin in the morning.

Does HRT work?
This is not a fanciful search for the fountain of youth. Hormone Replacement is medical science at it best. Over the years there have been thousands of case studies and medical trials that provide absolute, conclusive evidence that hormone therapy works and has many benefits that result in better health, energy and sexuality. It is board certified doctors using sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols to produce life-altering results. We have men and women tell us there was life before and after marriage, before and after children and now before and after hormone therapy.

When should I think about replacing hormones?
In the typical person, hormones start to decline by the mid to late twenties. By age 35 declines are sufficient that symptoms maybe evident. In aging and middle age men, testosterone deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction, muscle loss and low energy. In women perimenopause and menopause occurs as estrogen, progesterone and HGH Human Growth Hormone cease to be secreted or are produced at very low levels. The best time to start replacing hormones is between age 35 and 55. However it is never too late. There are people in their 70's and 80's that have benefited from from hormone replacement therapy.

How safe is it?
There are numerous studies that have come out over the past years that have attested to the safety of natural hormone replacement.

What results should you expect from a complete therapy program?

The goal of (HRT) hormone replacement therapy is to prevent illness related to aging early on, so that we can maintain a vigorous and productive lifestyle. Hormone replacement therapy is now more then ever is regarded as a leading treatment for aging (anti-aging).

Many other factors affect how we age and how long we live. Maintaing proper diet, exercise, supplementation and nutrition can and does improve our chances of living longer healthier lives, but never the less time does not stand still and HRT hormone replacement therapy has been proven to increase our live expectation and well beign.

What kind of results can I expect?

Everyone is different, but generally after a complete six month therapy program you can expect significant results in your apperance, performance and well being:

  • 1st Month for Men and Women over 50:
    Increase in mental sharpness, enthusiasm for life and an elimination of a mild to moderate depression. More energy, better results from exercise and weight control efforts. Better sleep.
  • 2nd Month Men and Women over 50:
    Improved muscle tone, enhanced sexual function, improvement in nail growth, improvement in skin tone, better digestion, increased strength and weight loss. Improved hair growth-thickening of hair with a shiny and healthy appearance.
  • 3rd Month Men and Women over 50:
    Mental processes improve, including desire to do and complete projects, increased muscle size, especially if the individual works out, hair growth, reduction in post menstrual symptoms in women, increased sexual desire, greater body flexibility.
  • 4th Month Men and Women over 50:
    Same as 3rd Month: Generally most improvements are heightened and more consistent.
  • 5th Month Men and Women over 50:
    Impressive weight loss, reduction of inches, since fat is reduced and muscle tissue is increased, toned improvement to skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles, Vast improvements of hair growth.
  • 6th Month Men and Women over 50:
    This is a rather significant stage since cellulite greatly diminishes, body is more contoured, eyesight is greatly improved, stronger resistance to colds, flu, and other illnesses, some pain and soreness will disappear, old wounds have healed or are healing, excellent exercise tolerance, grayed hair begins to return to natural color, medical test show a reduction in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, blood pressure normalizes, heart rate improves, some conditions due to disease vanish or are diminished and immune system improves.

Do you recommend replacing both HGH and Testosterone at the same time for men and women over 40?
Hormones may be replaced separately or in any combination. Better results are obtained from taking a combination of hormones. We like to say there is a 1+1=3 relationship. We understand the cost limitation on growth hormone. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

How will I lose weight?
HGH recontours the body changing your body composition reducing the fat and increasing lean muscle mass. It’s like a metabolic liposuction, vacuuming out the fat from underneath, especially the abdominal area. Unfortunately, the more body fat you have especially in your mid section the less HGH you release. HGH accelerates the burning of fat by making it available as fuel. By increasing free fatty acids, HGH makes the fat stores available for energy production. Fat cells have HGH receptors and when the HGH binds to the receptors, it triggers a series of enzymatic reactions in the cell to break down fat. This is called lipolysis. You see with HGH you’re changing the hormonal message telling your body to get rid of fat. HGH also increases your energy expenditures overall so that you actually burn calories faster, a neat metabolic trick. HGH is unlike any other method designed to take off fat and increase muscle because it works with your body’s natural order, rather than against it.

How will I build solid muscle?
HGH working thru IGF-1 increases the uptake of amino acids in the cell and enhances synthesis of DNA, RNA, proteins extra cellular proteins, carbs, and sugars. The result is an increase in cell size accelerating cell division resulting in accelerated muscle growth. It also builds muscle by conserving nitrogen. Ordinarily when you loose weight you excrete nitrogen which is needed for muscle tissue. But HGH keeps the body from losing nitrogen. It also increases protein synthesis without increasing the breakdown of proteins in the cell. Accelerated cell division also means speedy healing and repair after injury.

Will hormone therapy help sexual dysfunction?
Sexual dysfunction can have many causes; however replacing hormones is the best place to start treatment. We suggest raising your testosterone to a healthy level along with growth hormone, (if cost is not a prohibitive factor), to boost your sex drive. There are also non-prescription products such as Male Performance Plus that increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood to aid sexual mechanics. If there is still need for assistance, consider something like Viagra. This process has been found to fix over 90% of problems of sexual function. We strongly recommend not using a product such as Viagra without first taking care of testosterone levels. You may find that the mechanics are temporarily fixed, but you will not have a desire to use the erection.

Will hormone replacement cause my natural hormone production to decline?
Cycling of hormones is designed to minimize the possibility of a decline in your natural hormone
production. Cycling is taking time off from hormone replacement. When outside hormones are introduced into the body, the gland producing that hormone senses that the body has an adequate supply of the hormone and does not need to work as hard and may become "lazy". Cycling is mandatory for HGH and for men under 45 on testosterone.

Are there side effects?
There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that if used under a doctor’s care that there are any unfavorable long term side effects. If abused you may develop a wrist condition called carpel tunnel syndrome which is inflammation of wrist tendons, water retention, gynecomastia or acromegaly.

What about oral HGH or HGH stimulants?
Advertisements that claim they have real HGH in a spray or pill may in fact contain small amounts of HGH. There is some evidence that HGH can enter the blood stream if absorbed directly into the membranes of the mouth, but oral HGH therapy is not as effective as a medically supervised injectable program. It has been medically proven that HGH cannot be absorbed through the digestive system.

Do I have to come to get a physical exam and blood work?
Yes! It is essential that you have your hormone levels properly tested, receive a physical exam and a medical health evaluation that takes into consideration your medical history, current level of health and your lifestyle. As part of our service we will call you to arrange a blood test and physical examination.

How do I get started?
It’s easy. Call us at 1-866-342-5444. Our health counselors will guide you through the various Hormone Therapy and Integrative Health programs. You also need to completely fill out a confidential patient medical history form. This process takes no more than 15 minutes and assistance can be provided over the telephone. If after your bloodwork, physical exam and medical evaluation you qualify for treatment, your order will be shipped directly to your door via FEDEX within overnight or within 2-3 business days.

What if the doctor does not write a prescription?
If your blood work results or medical history disqualifies you from treatment, you will not be permitted to enroll in an HRT program at this time.

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