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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone: How Do These
Hormones Reverse or Slow Aging?

Human Growth Hormone is described by many as the key to slowing the aging process. Before you sign up for HGH Therapy, get the facts — and understand proven ways to promote healthy aging. Also learn how Testosterone Treatments using hormone injections, creams, gels or patches are used in a combined hormone therapy program with growth hormone, HCG and Sermorelin to optimize your hormones to boost energy, increase sex drive, reduce fat and improve mood in order to live a better and longer life. You can look and feel younger!

Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized structure at the base of the brain to fuel childhood growth and help maintain tissues and organs throughout life. Beginning in middle age, however, the pituitary gland slowly reduces the amount of growth hormone it produces. This natural slowdown has prompted an interest in the use of synthetic and natural (bio-identical) human growth hormone (HGH) to stave off the realities of old age. There is much clinical evidence to suggest human growth hormone can help otherwise healthy adults with an HGH deficiency to regain youthful energy and vitality. Contact an Age Management Specialist.

Hormone Therapy can improve your quality of life, appearance, sex drive, mood and longevity.

• Appearance
• Muscle Definition
• Increased Energy
Greater Endurance
• Better Skin Tone
• Reduces Body Fat
• Cholesterol Levels
• Boost Sex Drive
• Blood Pressure
• Diminishes Wrinkles
• Eliminates Cellulite
• Kidney function
• Bone Density
• Stress Levels

Welcome to Advance Therapy! Today's physicians are privileged to witness the dawn of a new medical specialty - Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. As a medical specialty hormone therapy offers the opportunity to increase health and longevity by replacing lost hormones and optimizing adult men and women's hormone balance as they age.

The essence of Age Management. Through years of research and seeing what works the best to deter or reverse the aging process, physicians are able to distill the essence of healthy aging to 5 essential lifestyle choices: Diet, Exercise, (HRT) Hormone Replacement or Optimization, Nutrition including Anti-Aging Supplements, and Stress Reduction.

Longevity is seventy percent based on lifestyle that you can control, and only thirty percent based on genetics which are beyond your control. Knowing exactly what to do about the seventy percent in order to preserve your youth, health and vitality is what Age Management Physicians advise their patients on.

Healthy Aging is possible. While HRT may not guarantee a life completely free of illness, it will take care of common age related degenerative illnesses normally experienced by men during Andropause and women during Menopause. Following the five healthy lifestyle choices of anti-aging while focusing on natural or bio-identical hormone replacement will maximize chances of living a prolonged, healthy life.

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Receive the Advance Therapy Health & Lifestyle Guide and Learn How Hormone Therapy, Testosterone, HCG and HGH (Human Growth Hormone Injections) can help you feel and look younger, live better and longer.

At Advance Therapy Hormone Centers, we have successfully treated over 20,000 patients with testosterone hormone deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

We offer the best prices and service on hormone replacement therapy including Testosterone, HCG Injections, Sermorelin Injections and Injectable Human Growth Hormone.

Our Board Certified physicians specialize in Anti-Aging Medicine and are Cleveland Clinic®, Mayo Clinic® and Cenegenics® trained.

Stay informed about today's latest treatments and therapies aimed at extending your life span. Learn about Anti-Aging Treatments, Hormone Replacement, Testosterone, HGH Injections, and HCG Therapy. Get information and advice for better health and longevity absolutely FREE.

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Advance HRT Health Benefits

Muscle Definition
Increased Energy
More Endurance
Boost Sex Drive
Better Skin Tone
Reduce Body Fat
Cholesterol Level
Blood Pressure
Diminish Wrinkles
Eliminate Cellulite
Improve Sleep
Bone Density
Stress Levels
Weight Loss

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